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Acid primer for nails Acid Primer is a product (primer) used to prepare the nail plate and enhance adhesion.

Apply a small amount to the natural nail, without touching the skin around the nail. Provides strong adhesion of the natural nail plate to the artificial material.

The effect is the highest quality fixation of any coating and long-lasting durability, and this is achieved even on rather problematic nails.

Method of application:

  • The primer is applied after a hygienic manicure with correction of the length and shape of the nail, cuticle treatment, degreasing of the nail plate.
  • It is important to blot the brush before application in a lint-free tissue to take away the excess and not too much stickiness on the nails, because it can lead to peeling.
  • Apply Ultrabond to the free edge and side parallels, without allowing it to drip onto the skin. It is not necessary to cover the entire nail.
  • Wait 1 minute for Ultrabond to dry or for better effect dry in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  • After that you can proceed to the base, gel polishes and top coat.

Volume: 13ml

Made in Korea

Use only for training on tips