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A pro-biotic care concept forms the basis of GERLASAN Balance Hand Cream for skin stressed by external influences every day.

The skin barrier strengthener: The pro-biotic active substance BIOTILYS®️ restores the balance of the skin flora. It revitalises and strengthens the natural skin barrier and protects the skin.
Moisturizer: White tea extract supplies the skin with moisture and protects it against moisture loss.
The care-booster: Sesame oil nourishes the skin, leaving it noticeably more smooth and supple.

The balance care is easily distributed, rapidly absorbed and non-greasy.

Ingredients: BIOTILYS®️ (Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate), white Tea Extract , Sesame Seed Oil.

Application: Apply Balance Hand Cream at least twice per day – more in dry weather or if you wash your hands frequently – will help keep your hands looking younger, softer and healthier.

No parabens or silicone oils
Suitable for diabetics
Dermatologically tested