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Is it not for everyone? Can't do that? Is this not acceptable? So what? Forget the critics and play by your own rules! We drank an explosive nail look with a bright menthol base and show everyone that this is possible. And very cool!

Why do you love RockNail Color Base?
• Thanks to the innovative formula of the bases, both beginners and experienced craftsmen can easily make perfect alignment with them.
• The texture of the Color Base provides reliable adhesion to the nail plate and ensures the durability of the manicure without peeling and chipping for the entire period of wear.
• Safe 9-free composition of the base contains only high-quality raw materials and does not harm the health of the master and the client.

We recommend that you observe the following rules of use:
1. Apply a leveling coat with a transparent base to even out the nail plate. Dry in the lamp for 60 seconds
2. Then cover the nail with a thin word color base and dry in the lamp for 60 seconds
3. When removing, make a shallow horizontal cut over the entire surface of the nail for 1 time, without lingering in local areas.
4. Repeat the surface filing again. Removal is carried out with a green or black cutter

Volume: 10 ml