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Cat eye series nail polish gel operation method:

Special reminder:

There must be magnetic disk (Cat's Eye Tool), or grain magnet rod.

1. Polish the nail surface with sponge, you must hit it all. If you don't hit it, because there is grease on the nail surface, it will fall off easily.

2. Put on removable primer and bake on the lamp for about two minutes.

3. Brush cat eye gel polish. Remember to wrap the front edge of the nail with the brush. Important point, take out cat eye gel polish magnetic disk, use magnetic disk to rely on the nail about 2mm distance, hold it for two seconds, then a very beautiful cat eyeliner will be produced, then it needs to be baked at floor lamp, if you don't bake it immediately, the cat eyeliner will disappear slowly. Bake for about two minutes and then take it out. If you do not suck well at a time, if you suck it again, use glue Bruch head and then face brush the nail, and then suck it again to have effect. Magnetic disk if the vertical suction line is vertical, the horizontal line is horizontal, and if the oblique suction is oblique.

4. At this time, brush the sealing layer. If it is removable non-wash sealing layer, dry it directly. If the sealing layer used is scrubbed, brush it well. After the lamp is baked, use quick-drying water to rub the surface layer back and forth with some force, just like window cleaning, it will become brighter and brighter. After wiping, the surface will be as smooth as the mirror. The whole pair of cat eye gel polish will be finished. (When brushing the sealing layer, you should also wrap the edge of the nail. In this way, nails are more wear-resistant and not easy to fall off.)