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Dark Gel Polish New Collection #70, 10ml

Dark gel polishes New collection are distinguished by their richness and brightness of color, density of pigmentation and variety - from delicate wonderful to deep evening shades. With such coatings you can create manicures for everyday and festive looks.

The gel polish evens out well, does not flow under the cuticle, and gives a strong, elastic coating. The manicure is worn without chips or cracks and does not fade. Suitable for natural and extended nails.

Application technology DARK:

1. Shape the fingernails and treat the cuticle with a remover.
2. Move the softened cuticle with an orange stick and remove with manicure scissors or wire cutters.
3. Using a hairless napkin, clean the nail plate with a degreaser.
4. Use the primer.
5. Distribute DARK PRO base on the nail plate.
6. Dry it in the lamp.
7. Complete your manicure by applying gel polish and/or finish coating.
8. Remove stickiness if the top has a sticky layer.
9. Treat the skin with cuticle oil.

Use only for training on tips