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DARK PRO Base Shine №02, 15 ml with a brush

These are low-acid (pH 6.5) camouflage bases;
Level of pigmentation: 2
Not hard, closer to plastic;
Before application, it is necessary to apply a substrate made of a transparent base for better adhesion;
Have a consistency closer to liquid, which allows you to make alignment thinly and quickly;
Polymerization time 60 seconds at 48 W;
They do not have a strong smell.

Method of application DARK PRO Base Shine
Shape your nails and treat the cuticles with remover. 
Push back the softened cuticle with an orange stick and remove with nail scissors or nail clippers.  
Using a lint-free cloth, clean the nail plate with a degreaser.
Use a primer. 
Distribute DARK PRO base over the nail plate.
Dry in a lamp. 
Complete your manicure with gel polish and/or topcoat.
Treat your skin with cuticle oil.

Use only for training on tips