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How does SMART differ from previous Builder gels?
A slightly thinner consistency, at the same time - it is firm!
does not have a viscous sticky layer
you can not remove the sticky layer from the base before applying
no need to remove the sticky layer before the top
minimal risk of exfoliation

SMART GEL is a medium-thick, self-leveling gel.
⁃ gel is convenient to work with both long and short nails
⁃ high temperature, so it can be pressed well, but burning may occur in the lamp
⁃ we recommend drying on low power and removing your hand in case of burning
⁃ strong, but at the same time not fragile

Features of work:
1. Prepare the nail plate with a file of 180/240 grit
2. Degrease well
3. For adhesion, apply Dark Scotch base (or any other Rubber Base) in a thin layer to the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and to the side ridges.
4. Strengthen or model nails with Dark Builder Gel:
* the cuticle should have a smooth transition and not a thick layer
*with nails without length, it is recommended to work with the technique "with edges", so that there is not a thin end
*recommended end thickness 0.7 mm
5. The polymerization time is 60 seconds, at a power of 48 W

* IF WE PERFORM strengthening - be sure to file your nail at least 1 mm from the inside so that there is no peeling from the free edge.

All DARK solid materials are NOT acidic.


Use only for training on tips