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Comfort disposable manicure towels, 20x20 / 25x30 cm, 100 pcs/roll, mesh

Comfort disposable manicure wipes are recommended for use in beauty salons, nail bars, hairdressing salons, studios. Free from the need to take linen to the laundry, save time and do not take up much space. Napkins for manicure and pedicure have a smooth surface, soft pleasant texture, absorb moisture well.

Material - non-woven spunlace in rolls, with perforation

Structure - mesh

Color - white

Size - 20x20cm  (8x8 inch). and 25x30cm  (10x 12 inch)

Quantity per roll – 100 pcs.

Spunlace is a material composed of 30% polyester and 70% viscose fibers. Produced by gluing under high pressure water jets without the use of adhesives. The material is light, soft, flexible, environmentally friendly and quite voluminous. It is worth noting that the spunlace material is resistant to microorganisms, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, antistatic, absorbs moisture well. According to its characteristics, the material is very similar to cotton. Has no lint.