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It is highly recommended to change the filter every 2 months if you have a full time clientele.

SheMax came up with a technology that allows you not to accumulate dust on the walls of the motor, harming it, but to instantly absorb all the dust into the compartments without residue. It's all about the filter, which is installed directly above the dust collector motor, so it "catches" it before the "entrance". The compressed dust loses its “mobility” property and is easily disposed of without residues. That is why SheMax began to use closed compartments instead of the traditional dust bag.

How to care for the extractor filter for manicure and pedicure SheMax?

  • Do not ever wash the filter (only dry care)
  • Shake the filter after each client
  • Fine particles clogged in fibers, preferably cleaned with any narrow brush
  • We recommend changing the filter every two months (at the rate of 6 customers per day)
  • There is no difference between a Nero filter and a Carbon filter. Carbon filter is much more expensive. The effect of quality is the same.