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Color Cat Eye is a translucent gel polish that applies in one or two thin layers. It does not form streaks when applied and is easy to level. It has a medium-thick consistency.

The product contains small metal particles that react to the action of a magnet, moving in the not yet polymerized coating layer, resulting in a design with a magical glare.

Lunamoon gel polish has a durable coating, does not crack, does not roll, and ensures application with ease and pleasure.


  • After leveling with the base, apply gel polish in 1-2 layers, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
  • We collect material on a brush, draw the center of the nail, and then the side walls.
  • Using a brush for fine lines, apply to the cuticle. The first layer should always be applied translucently.
  • Using a magnet we form a reflection.
  • Dry for 60 seconds.
  • Cover with topcoat and dry in a lamp for 120 seconds.

Volume: 13ml

Made in Korea

Thanks to its diverse palette of shades, you will always be able to find the color that will complement your collection and allow you to add diversity for customers.

Use only for training on tips