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This luxurious scarlet satin on your nails leaves no doubt - you are even cooler than Supreme!

Red on nails - a dull classic that everyone is already tired of? The answer is wrong! The explosive collection of red Kill Kisses from RockNail is the palette of your personality. Create unique designs in the style of geometry and minimalism with shades of flames, roses and kisses. Don't be afraid to show yourself. You are fire!

RockNail technologies are...
• architectural formula — comfortable consistency gel polish quickly adheres to the surface and builds the shape of the nail plate without spreading on the cuticle;
• leveling ability - due to the unique texture of the gel polish evenly covers the surface of the nail, filling the bumps and smoothing the imperfections of the nail plate;
• application in one glide - the ideal density of gel polish allows you to apply color without gaps with one brush stroke.

Volume: 10 ml