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Hight -5.5inch (From desk to bottom-4.1inch)
Width- 4.7inch

Convenient fixation of the client's hand for perfect varnish application, orthopedic posture control and relief of the master. On average, the manicure procedure takes 1.5 hours. Displacement of the client's hand, pain in the neck and back during long-term concentrated work in one position is unavoidable. Fatigue and discomfort also affect the final result - the accuracy and care of the coating.

  • Comfort. The height of the armrest is 14 cm. Due to the fact that the client's palm is conveniently fixed closer to the lamp, the craftsman does not have to bend too much. The neck and back practically do not get tired.
  • Quality. All SheMax manicure stands are hand-assembled. It takes 2 hours to make each stand.
  • The material is made of durable eco-leather, so there are no folds or staples on the pillow that can collect dust. It is easy to process and disinfect.
  • Stability. The area of the armrest is 42x12 reliably fixes the client's hand. The master does not have a chance to injure his hand with a cutter or smear gel polish. Thanks to stable wide legs, the stand does not wobble, does not slide and does not scratch the surface.

  • Workplace savings. Thanks to the universal size, the free space under the armrest is perfect for placing any manicure lamp or hood there.
  • Design. The refined and stylish design of the stands will perfectly emphasize the personality of the master and the atmosphere of the salon and provide bright pictures for your portfolio on social networks.