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Allergic Tested Passed / No Animal Tests


Introducing Heavy Metal Gel: The Ultimate Chrome Nail Gel! 

Get ready to shine like never before with our groundbreaking creation – Heavy Metal Gel! 

Experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the most chrome-looking nails gel in the world, giving you an instant metallic transformation that will leave you in awe. 

Mirror-Like Shine: Prepare to be mesmerized by the mirror-like shine of Heavy Metal Gel. With just one application, your nails will radiate an intense metallic gleam that catches every eye. 

 Wide Range of Metallic Shades: Explore our captivating collection of metallic shades, from sleek silver and golden allure to captivating copper and beyond. Discover the perfect shade to express your unique style and make a bold statement. 

Clean-Beauty System: We believe beauty should never come at the cost of your health. That's why we've formulated Heavy Metal Gel with our Clean-Beauty System, ensuring you can indulge in stunning metallic nails without compromising on safety. 

 Instant Metallic Transformation: Embrace the power of instant glamour! With Heavy Metal Gel, you can achieve a jaw-dropping metallic look in no time. Say goodbye to waiting for traditional polishes to dry – it's time to rock the metal revolution! 

 Discover the Magic of Heavy Metal Gel Today!