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Jelly Gelly №1 (transparent) is a shaping jelly suitable for nail correction and extension, restoration, square strengthening and repair of broken corners. Use this jelly gel to create a flawless manicure with amazing hold without chips or scratches. Modeling the shape of the nail for the master will be quite simple, because the gel does not spread, has good density and medium viscosity.

- thick consistency
- does not cause burning in the lamp, as it is low-temperature;
- perfectly holds the arch and is not deformed.

Features of work:

1. Standard preparation of the nail plate.
2. Apply primer.
3. For adhesion, apply a thin layer of Rubber base on the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and side ridges.
4. Strengthen or model nails.
5. Polymerization time 60 seconds.

Super-strong, durable Luna Jelly Gelly is the perfect solution for comfortable nail modeling and strengthening of the nail plate.

Volume: 15ml

Made in Korea

Use only for training on tips