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Amethyst gel polish shimmering with reflective particles is as mysterious as the sailor warrior whose name it bears. Are you ready to solve the mystery of Saturn?

Moon Prism is a collection of reflective gel polishes. As soon as the shade gets under artificial lighting, the magic begins! Experiment with rays of light and create amazing photos and videos with your nail looks. Moon Prism colors can be applied alone or with a colored base.

• MILK - security. The 11-free formula of our gel polishes contains only high-quality raw materials and is developed in accordance with regulatory documentation. It suits even the most sensitive hands.
• MILK - comfort. The unique creamy formula of MILK Cream is self-distributed over the nail plate and gently envelops it.
• MILK - high quality. The ultra-pigmented formula of gel polishes fits tightly in one layer and completely polymerizes at any thickness, and the absence of smell makes the process of creating a manicure pleasant and comfortable.

Gel polish application technology

• To dry MILK gel polishes, it is best to use LED lamps with a power of 36-48 W.
• Apply gel polish in one layer.
• Begin application by building borders in the cuticle area and lateral sinuses.
• Then, without drying, take a small drop of gel polish on the brush and smooth it over the wet layer.

Volume: 9 ml