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Surgical steel crescent size L :

- size 18 cm

The boat shape is very comfortable.

- the width of the file is increased, which gives a larger sawdust area, and as a result, reduces the time of work,

- convenient rounding in the middle of the file allows you to process the area near the cuticle as efficiently as possible without touching the skin,

- the straight side of the file is convenient for sawdust forms, in order to build perfect parallels - also this form of the file gives additional rigidity to the base itself, it is convenient when washed down with a square shape on long nails.

- SMART crescent are specially designed to be lightweight, because this shape is quite wide and would be heavy from ordinary steel. We solved this problem by replacing it with lightweight surgical steel.

- size M, convenient because it is compact and will fit even in the smallest sterilizer or ultrasonic cleaner. All SMart file bases are made of high-strength surgical steel, free of chromium and nickel. Almost all surgical instruments are made from such steel, hence the name. Surgical steel has many advantages over any metal.

- first of all, strength, which is important in our sticks, it does not bend during operation, remaining elastic.

- no deformation during sterilization and long-term use. Surgical steel does not warp like regular cheap stainless steel. 

-it is very important that the base has a round, softly polished edge, which will not scratch the client and cause any discomfort during washing down.

- surgical steel does not emit harmful substances, even at high temperatures.

- our sticks are absolutely safe and have all quality certificates and test reports, including ROSTEST.