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Juicy? Very! Energize your summer with the most daring fruity set. Delicate smoothie, refreshing fresh juice or fizzy lemonade? It's up to you to decide what the mood of your juicy manicure will be!

Thanks to UV printing technology, Juicy set sliders can be applied even on bright and dark gel polishes. They do not shine through and are not "lost" on any substrate. Creativity without limits!

How to apply Nail Tattoo sliders?
• Cover the tips or nail with a thin layer of base over the gel polish. Dry 10 seconds.
• Choose a picture and cut it out.
• Dip into the water. You do not need to hold it for a long time, 5-10 seconds is enough.
• Remove excess moisture with a paper or lint-free tissue.
• Gently separate the slider from the base by sliding it slightly.
• Apply it on a tip or nail.
• Cover the sliders with two layers of top. Attention! The first layer must be sticky (no need to remove it). This is especially important if the second layer is matte - stickiness will ensure durability.
• If the slider goes beyond the nail, carefully washed down the excess film and be sure to coat the end with a primer!