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Are you looking forward to Halloween? We, too! Get ready for spooky fun with the most daring set of sliders. A skull, a black cat, a Weegee board, an angel with a gun - everything and more is here for your hooligan nail looks!

How to apply Nail Tattoo sliders?
• Cover the tips or nail with a thin layer of base over the gel polish. Dry 10 seconds.
• Choose a picture and cut it out.
• Dip into the water. You do not need to hold it for a long time, 5-10 seconds is enough.
• Remove excess moisture with a paper or lint-free tissue.
• Gently separate the slider from the base by sliding it slightly.
• Apply it on a tip or nail.
• Cover the sliders with two layers of top. Attention! The first layer must be sticky (no need to remove it). This is especially important if the second layer is matte - stickiness will ensure durability.
• If the slider goes beyond the nail, carefully washed down the excess film and be sure to coat the end with a primer!