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Made in: Estonia

1. Prepare, nail plate, sand and degrease
2. Measure the width of the nail plate using a flexible tape ruler (it is located on the left side of the front side of the film
3. If necessary, apply a base for gel polish, dry in the LED lamp for 60 seconds
4. Remove the protective, white film, so it will be more convenient to measure and match the sticker to the size of the nail
5. Remove the film from the base, using an orange stick or pusher
6. Put the film on the nail, press in the center near the cuticle and smooth, then press in the center of the nail and on the sides
7. The free edge of the film can be carefully cut off with nail scissors or cut off (with a soft file 240 / 180gr) from the edge to the center, each time pressing the film under the nail so that wrinkles do not form
8. Cover the film with an elastic base for gel polish, a thin layer from the middle of the nail plate to the free edge, dry in the LED lamp for 60 seconds
9. Cover with a top, we recommend a top with a sticky layer