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Manicure in the color of sunlight - just a fantasy? Do not agree. You can easily make that nail dream come true with a honey-golden camouflage base with shimmering sweat flakes.

Features of the Potal Base
• Has a medium-thick consistency, comfortable to apply even for beginners.
• Delicate base shade creates the effect of natural nails.
• Suitable for all types of nails.
• Provides coating resistance without peeling and chipping up to 3-4 weeks.
• Optimal for Express Manicure - allows you to easily and quickly create the perfect alignment.
• Odor neutral and safe 11-free formula.

How to apply Potal Base?
• On the treated and degreased nail plate with a thin layer of the base, build the boundaries of the coating in the area of ​​the cuticle and lateral sinuses.
• Pick up a large drop of base on the brush and place it at the base of the nail (near the cuticle).
• Using surface tension, pull the drop towards the free edge. Do the same for the side bolsters.

Volume: 9 ml