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Breathe deeply - this rich blue hue will help you calm down and tune in to a positive way.

This shade has a stained glass formula that allows you to create the effect of depth. It is recommended to apply it in two thin layers.

MILK - safety. The safe 11-free formula of our gel polishes contains only high-quality raw materials and is developed in accordance with regulatory documentation. It suits even the most sensitive hands.
MILK - comfort. The unique creamy formula of MILK Cream is self-distributed over the nail plate and gently envelops it.
MILK - actual design. MILK gel polishes are packaged in stylish bottles that will look perfect on your shelves.
MILK - care. This is the first gel polish care brand to offer yoghurt products for hands and nails.
MILK - high quality. The ultra-pigmented formula of gel polishes fits tightly in one layer and completely polymerizes at any thickness, and the absence of smell makes the process of creating a manicure pleasant and comfortable.
MILK - affordable price. Pay only for quality! We offer nail artists a safe and high-tech product with a comfortable price.

MILK gel polish application technology

• To dry MILK gel polishes, it is best to use LED lamps with a power of 36-48 W.
• Apply gel polish in two thin coats.
• Line up the borders in the cuticle zone and lateral sinuses with the first layer. Without drying, take a small drop of gel polish on the brush and smooth it over the wet layer. Dry in the lamp for 30 seconds.
• Apply the second layer thinly. Do not press on the brush - it should move easily, without pressure.

Volume: 9 ml