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Liquid structuring gel in a bottle. Allows you to perform quick nail extension without filing, strengthening of natural nails, alignment and correction of defects of nail platinum.

During polymerization, the product does not heat up and does not cause discomfort.

Collection: Sparkling 

Consistency: liquid

Stiffness/elasticity: medium elasticity

How to use: degrease the nail plate. Apply the rubber base. Build or strengthen with Smart Gel. The polymerization time in the UV/LED lamp is 60 seconds. Apply the finishing coat (top) as the final layer.

IMPORTANTLY! The entire line of smart phones is certified in the EU. A small nuance of using liquid gels with glitter is related to this: before use, the material must be mixed (or simply turn the closed bottle over a couple of minutes before starting the coating).

We abandoned the component that prevents glitter (which is heavier than pigment) from settling to the bottom of the bottle. This component has an unpleasant smell. In addition, it is not safe enough, especially if the master works with similar materials on the stream for 8-12 hours, breathing its fumes. We had a choice: to make sure that the glitter did not settle or that the master's health was not put at risk. We chose the second option. In our opinion, the concept of "quality" should include not only convenience in work, but also safety for health.

Volume: 15 ml

Manufacturer: TM "HELLO. by NAILSMADE"

Country Ukraine

Composition: Acrylate oligomers, ultraviolet light initiator, acrylic acid monomer.

WARNING! To avoid unwanted polymerization of the material during work, testing or shooting for content, an open bottle or brush should be kept as far as possible from daylight (especially from direct sunlight). Also, please note that even in cloudy weather, clouds transmit a large amount of ultraviolet radiation, which is sufficient for the material to polymerize

Use only for training on tips