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Top Confetti is a top with different colored figures, without a sticky layer, which will look harmonious with any color on the nails. It can make your manicure interesting and unusual.


- the consistency is medium, which allows you to comfortably work with the top without difficulty, does not flow under the cuticle and at the same time perfectly covers the nail plate;

- excludes strong heating of the nail plate during the polymerization process, therefore does not cause burning in the lamp;

- provides wearability and shine without peeling for 3-4 weeks, provides strength and provides protection from external influences and minimizes the risk of damage;

- has a neutral smell.

Method of application:

• Apply the top on the nail plate, then dry for 30-60 seconds.

• The finish coating is applied in one thin layer and polymerized under UV and LED lamps.

Volume: 13ml

Made in Korea

Use only for training on tips