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Top Shine Dark Green is a top for designs that glows in the dark. It will look harmonious with blue, green, yellow, because it has a yellowish-green hue.


- acidity of 4-5 pH;
- the consistency is average that allows to work comfortably without difficulties with a top, does not flow under a cuticle and at the same time perfectly overlaps a nail plate;
- eliminates strong heating of the nail plate during polymerization, so it does not cause burning in the lamp;
- provides wearability without peeling for 3-4 weeks, provides strength and provides protection from external influences and minimizes the risk of damage;
- has a neutral smell.

Method of application:

Apply the top on the nail plate, then dry for 30-60 seconds.
The finish is applied in one thin layer and polymerized under a UV and LED lamp.

Volume: 13ml

Made in Korea

Use only for training on tips