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Acid-free nail primer Ultrabond is a manicure auxiliary that is used for better adhesion of the artificial coating to the natural nail plate. Has the effect of double-sided tape.

This product has a safe composition and does not have a harmful effect on the nail plate. It has good stickiness after drying, which will ensure the stability of the coating even for the most problematic nails.

Method of application:

  • The primer is applied after a hygienic manicure with correction of the length and shape of the nail, cuticle treatment, degreasing of the nail plate.
  • It is important to blot the brush before application in a lint-free tissue to take away the excess and not too much stickiness on the nails, because it can lead to peeling.
  • Apply Ultrabond to the free edge and side parallels, without allowing it to drip onto the skin. It is not necessary to cover the entire nail.
  • Wait 1 minute for Ultrabond to dry or for better effect dry in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  • After that you can proceed to the base, gel polishes and top coat.

Volume: 13ml

Made in Korea

Use only for training on tips